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After a number of massive delays over the long weekend, JetBlue sent out an apology email, in addition to apology advertisements in East Coast newspapers, to everyone who has ever flown on their airline, with a link to a customer Bill of Rights. The "rights" take the form of vouchers for future travel on JetBlue.
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Five Alternatives to the $700 Billion Bailout Proposal
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Written by Michelle Haimoff   
It's one thing to hate on the bailout plan and quite another to come up with an alternative, but following are five attempts at a better way forward:

Five Alternatives to the $700 Billion Bailout Proposal
Photo: wvs, Creative Commons, Flickr

Michael Moore: Get the money from the 400 wealthiest Americans

Alec Baldwin: Make every bailout recipient issue stock

Dan Walker, Seeking Alpha: If the crisis is liquidity, make the financial institutions more liquid by buying equity

Jerome a Paris, Daily Kos: Create a National Investment Bank that would help individuals rather than banks

Sebastian Mallaby, The Washington Post: Is the bailout even necessary?

Anyone have an alternative to the alternatives?