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"But all is not quiet on the farm. In the Senate, tensions over corn’s new role..." Nice summary over the battle for alternative fuel policy on Capitol Hill courtesy of The Council on Foreign Relations. Includes the repeal of tax breaks to Big Oil & Gas, aversions to a review of the 2002 Farm Bill, as well as alternatives to corn (Switchgrass) for producing Ethanol and other biofuels.

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The Story of Stuff
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Written by Michelle Haimoff   
I have a list of about 100 movies I've never gotten around to seeing so I know all about putting things off. But even I managed to make time for this 20 minute fast-paced video about stuff.

It sounds like a weird premise but that's literally what it's about. Our stuff. Where it comes from. Where it goes. And why that matters. Cynics will appreciate that there is no emotional or ethical appeal to save our planet, just straight facts in a conversational tone. You will learn a lot in 20 minutes. Trust me. I hated An Inconvenient Truth. But this is the kind of thing everyone would want to see:

Disclosure: This isn't really a disclosure but I just wanted to point out that you're not really doing anything else for the next 20 minutes so just watch it. By the time you come up with something else to do (or say you're gonna do), 20 minutes will have passed.

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