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The debate continues on the merger of XM (XMSR ) and Sirius (SIRI ) Satellite Radio as the case again comes before the Senate Committee on Commerce for round four since its original proposition in February. Opponents argue that the merger will create a monopoly, leaving a sole provider for satellite service to consumers. This, they argue, will lead to increased prices and decreased content. Advocates argue that the merger is necessary in order to compete against other technologies, including terrestrial radio, MP3 players, CD/DVD etc. The inference is that the battle between the two small companies for the limited audience is splitting the market and preventing its advance against the other technologies.



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Creative Job Seeker in Union Square
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Written by David Neubert   
Photo:neubie, Creative Commons, Flickr

I often see people begging for money in New York.  Today I saw a guy with a handwritten sign on a street corner outside The Coffee Shop in Union Square.  He wasn't asking for money, he was asking for a job as a director/actor/filmmaker.  Now this is what I call marketing. 


Thomas O'Connor from Colorado came to New York in search of a place to put his creative talents to work.  Currently staying with friends in Jersey City, he has taken a novel approach to job hunting.  He is holding a handwritten sign on a street corner.  When asked how it's been going he replied, "I got some business cards yesterday and need to make some calls."  Sadly, he doesn't write about stocks or investing or he'd be writing a blog for The Panelist right now, though he is web savvy enough to have his own web page and a Myspace page promoting himself (We, at The Panelist, don't even have our own MySpace page yet).

Thomas O'Connor Tom, I may not have a job for you but I hope this little promotion helped.

Disclosure:  The Panelist has not yet moved into film but we're thinking about it.  The Panelist is not a job site but if you're interested in writing for us, we are always looking for financially oriented bloggers. 

Disclosures:  The owner of MySpace is Newscorp (NWS -$23.71).  I do not currently own Newscorp.  I would not buy the stock at these prices but would become interested if it fell a bit.